Small independent businesses need a place to evolve, creatives need a place to create and local communities need a place to collaborate together.

COLAB was created with all of these goals in mind.

COLAB’s main aim was to create a new future for a retail centre that was in dire straits. With footfall down year on year, increased competition from other city centre locations and the tragic issues that resulted from the fires on Sauchiehall Street; it was vital that something innovative needed to be done to create a sustainable livelihood for all the traders of the Savoy Market.

We have seen, first hand, the positive impact it has already had on driving new footfall and shining a light on a much loved but forgotten retail offer in Glasgow.

We are aware of a recent social media driven campaign criticising our genuine efforts to work with local business to build a successful future for the market. We continue to collaborate and integrate both old and new businesses within the centre to help build a community where both can grow and prosper.

The negative campaign that has been pursued is unfair and inaccurate. The artists leading this were in fact served notice as part of a wider relocation strategy and we required their retail unit used as a studio space on the first floor for a long standing tenant. They led the campaign whilst still part of the market and drafted and open letter, which circulated earlier this year. Our property managers Reith Lambert, received numerous complaints from tenants about trying to be coerced into signing this open letter. We are extremely surprised by the content, as we held a full consultation process with the existing traders and an overwhelming majority were happy to be relocated and given rent reductions for doing so. No Savoy tenants have been evicted for the creation of COLAB and there has never been any intention of doing this.

We continue to meet and consult with tenants regularly in an effort to understand any concerns they have and discuss the growth of COLAB and the wider market site. While there will inevitably be challenges, we are really pleased with the relationships we are building through time.

We have already undertaken a program of substantial expenditure and are now looking to invest further with planned renovations across the entire Savoy Market. These include decoration and building upgrades as well as more directional and uniformed signage, which will directly benefit all tenants and businesses making the centre more welcoming and an aesthetically pleasing place to shop

We are 100% committed to the success and redevelopment of the Savoy Market.  We understand that as retail across the UK continues to be challenging it’s vital that traditional shopping locations transform and develop new strategies that drive footfall, and that partnerships between building owners and occupiers are more important than ever.

As we continue to grow we encourage the entire community to get involved and grow with us, helping to rebuild the market that Glaswegians know and love… blending the old with the new.

Our ethos has and always will be COLLABORATION OVER COMPETITION.

“COLAB is bringing in new businesses to the market. Looks beautiful since the refurb and bringing in new clients.”  Bo of Chinese Clinic.

“Customers happy to see the market fresher and vibrant. Lots of new customers from the new Savoy Market website.” Mary Jupoli of Hair & Beauty Unisex Salon.

“As a long standing tenant in the Savoy Centre, having struggled with the disasters of the fire. The creation of COLAB has been very helpful for my business in getting people back into the centre that was massively struggling. It saddens me to see comments of gentrification as they have helped to bring the centre back to life and helped me rebrand my business within COLAB.” May of Hair City.

“COLAB is bringing in new customers from the offices.” Christopher Connaghan of Sweet Deals.

“Happy there is more money being spent on the market, hope it brings in more tourists.” Paul of The Book Tree.

“COLAB are amazing these guys are doing an amazing job. The Savoy looks so much better downstairs and I think it has helped my business we have noticed we have lots of new customers and also it looks so much cleaner.” Thomas Rae The Tailor.

“Happy COLAB is bringing in a younger demographic...” Noor Hussain of Special Occassion's.

“Happy with the change. Downstairs shops that were empty getting filled up are bringing in more footfall and customers. Hope new Savoy Management will care as much as COLAB Management for upstairs.” Ally of Undercover


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