Is it Aye, a creative agency and artist collective present a number of art installations by leading Glasgow artists at COLAB: Marco Piacentini - Baxter, Claudia Veneroni, Melody Ramsay, Finn Arschavir, Joe Crogan, Chelsea Frew, Eva Lindsay, Mobo. 

The artists will be exploring the concept of “Flourish” derived from the motto on the Glasgow crest of arms from the 6th Century: “Let Glasgow Flourish”. We aim to celebrate the beauty, opportunity and hope that the word flourish represents, we feel these are terms that also represent modern day Glasgow as it goes through a period of rejuvenation, particularly within the artistic community; this also ties in with the hope and opportunity that COLAB and the new Savoy project represent.

Flourish: (of a living organism) grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly congenial environment.

- a bold or extravagant gesture or action, made especially to attract attention

- an impressive and successful act or period



Baxter is a multi disciplinary artist born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. “Having always aspired to be a large scale muralist my drive is to construct a unique style that not only reflects my capabilities, but also my inspiration and values as an artist. I am self taught and a lot of my skill-set derives from my 10+ years experience in urban graffiti painting.” A mural by Baxter is situated at the Sauchiehall Street entrance of COLAB.

chelsea frewjpeg.jpeg

Chelsea Frew

Chelsea is living and working as a freelance illustrator and artist, working with murals, editorial, exhibitions and commissions in Glasgow.

Glasgow heavily influences Chelsea's work, drawing from her imagination trying to capture the feeling of it. A strong understanding of perspective allows Chelsea to interpret the different styles of architecture. Through the different cities and and countries travelled, Chelsea has observed and studied the various details of the architecture, from Tudor, Georgian, Brutalist and ultra modern skylines. Chelsea has worked within the mural community and has large work across both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

“My practice has allowed me to work in many locations and many mediums, including mural art, editorial pieces, exhibitions and many private and public commissions.

My work is in reaction to the places I observe. I have a strong understanding of perspective, and create most of my artwork from memory. This manifests itself through energetic and loose line drawing, mostly in large-scale detailed scenes, covering the subjects of landscape, cityscape and human life.” – Chelsea


Claudia Veneroni

Claudia Veneroni is a visual textile artist from Edinburgh. Graduating from Glasgow School of Art this year her design style encompasses thought provoking digital drawings combined with multi-dimensional textile mediums. The combination of illustrative realism and graphic exaggeration results in textiles with a conceptual edge, pushing the boundaries of what textile design can mean in a visual arts context.


Melody Uyanga Ramsay

British-Mongolian designer, Melody Uyanga Ramsay is a specialist in “Thoughtful Design”.

Ramsay’s design process takes inspiration from her nomadic upbringing alongside a mission to create works which comfort and inspire.

After serving notable fashion houses such as Fendi and Loewe she is now the founder and creative director of Semper Ad Meliora.

Working between fashion, installation, performance, video and designed object her work has appeared in editorials of publications such as Vogue Italia, LOVE Magazine, i-D Beauty, Suke-Ban just to name a few.

Ramsay studies Fashion Design at the Glasgow School of Art where she is Lead Representative for the School of Design.

Eva_intersecting utopias.jpg

Eva Lindsay

Eva is an architectural designer who graduated from the Mackintosh School of Architecture at the Glasgow School of Art, having previously worked both in Berlin and Rotterdam. She values the power of design as a means of critique, display and immersion in the increasingly digital world. Most recently, Eva was awarded with the Glasgow School of Art landscape drawing prize 2018.

Finn - Transformative Encounters.jpg

Finn Arschavir

Finn is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art and is a multidisciplinary graphic designer working at the intersection of art, design and ecology. He is a cofounder of the Glasgow based collective A+E that engages with the psychological impacts of the climate crisis. Currently, he is organising a reading platform / podcast / zine series called Biosystems and producing a music video for a local band.


Ruaridh Crighton

From the depths of Edinburgh's art scene, comprising styles that are revered amongst the creative community, comes RuDog -

“It was never meant to be the sensation that it is, it was more the expression that I was interested in.”

Exhibitions across the globe from Melbourne, London to NYC, as well as a residency in Barcelona, resonate his opposing styles. From scratchy profiles to abstract surrealist pop art- siting Tom Wesselmann's colour & composition & Egon Schiele's figurative angst & line work as an inspiration, this is certainly something to behold.

Shapes, colours & irony are the trifecta of which inspire the various depictions you are subjected to within this art.

Having just sold out a show in the West End of Glasgow the next stop is Melbourne's highly acclaimed B Side Gallery and then on the return from that he has accepted representation from Art Pistol Gallery - this is one artist to keep your eye on.

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 11.08.21.png

Charles Anderson

Charles Anderson graduated from at Glasgow School of Art in 1959. He worked as a professional mural painter and sculptor for the next 30 years, taking on commissions from everyone from local authorities to property developers.

In 2014 in recognition as one of Scotlands most successful sculptors, The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland awarded him an Honoury Fellowship (Hon FRIAS) for his contribution to art in the public realm.

His amazing murals and brutalist style can be seen throughout the centre and will always be synonymous with The Savoy.



Nicholas Garcia-Minaur is Basque/Scottish abstract artist. His work is layered using a mixture of acrylic, oil and ink, as well as other materials. There are also explorations in other styles and fields, in the way of digital artwork, collages, sketches, notes and instrumental music.

His main subject is closely related to personal experiences and thoughts and is done in an abstract expressionist style.

fabrication poster final.jpg

FABRICATION by Jennie Bates and Ruth Mae Martin

Jennie Bates is a visual artist and designer; living and working in Glasgow. Her work is driven by research, mainly into science, religion and unusual belief systems. She records and interprets what she learns in handmade sketchbooks which she uses to develop 2D or 3D outcomes incorporating screen-printing; drawing; collage; and photography presented on the reel of a 3D viewer. She investigates how humans perceive and interact with the world around us, and how we present and manipulate the truth. Her work is research-intense and conceptual but always aims for an element of accessibility and humour.

Ruth Mae Martin is a Glasgow-based illustrator, ceramicist, and designer. She frequently works with printmaking methods such as risograph and screen-printing, and enjoys experimenting with their limitations. She also makes a large amount of work using ceramic and has begun to incorporate other materials into her practice including fabric and building foam. She aims to make interesting and vibrant works to convey a narrative or an idea. Since graduating she has already fostered strong links with design-led retail spaces across Glasgow exhibiting and selling her ceramics, and she has recently acquired a Riso printer.

Jennie and Ruth met at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design where they both studied Illustration, graduating in 2017 and 2018 respectively. They both work in a distinct style utilising limited colour palettes and abstract imagery, making their design work highly complimentary of each others’, while remaining distinct. Their mutual interest in mythology and folk tales led to their decision to work together to exhibit at COLAB. They have enjoyed seeing where their independent research has taken them, while bouncing ideas off each other, culminating in the body of work which will be shown at FABRICATION in April.